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The Ultima Residences is located at one of the best spots in downtown Cebu City. When you live in this premier condominium, you will essentially be in the middle of all the excitement that this modern and progressive city has to offer.

First of all, when you live in the Ultima Residences, you will actually be inside the Cebu City CBD, which means you do not have to commute that long every morning when going to work. In fact, you can just walk towards your office building every morning if the weather permits it. Think about it. You do not have to wake up before the sun rises just so you can get a head start at the other people who are rushing off to work. You can wake up at a sensible time, enjoy a proper breakfast, and just take your time getting ready for work. This will result in you not getting too stressed out early in the morning while having plenty of energy to spare at work because your morning commute is no longer a long and mentally-draining drudge through traffic.

Another great thing about living in this area of Cebu is that you are in the center of the commercial retail area of the Visayas region. This is good news if you are a shopaholic who needs a regular dose of retail therapy to keep yourself sane. First off, when you are living in the Ultima Residences, you are basically next door neighbors with Robinson’s Place Cebu, an upscale shopping mall decked out with dozens upon dozens of retail stores, restaurants, and other recreational service providers. This means you just need to walk around the block whenever you need relief from your shopping urges, or when you just need to buy a couple of basic things.

If you want even more shopping choices, you can hail a cab and either go to the Ayala Mall Cebu or the SM City Cebu. Both are just fifteen minutes away from the condominium. You will never feel deprived of shopping choices when you are living in this part of the island.

There are also plenty of public transportation options that you can choose form if you need to get to the different parts of this large island. You can either hop on a city bus, taxi, or a jeep to go farther into the downtown area, or you can hitch a ride on one of the tricycles if you are just going to the nearby areas. If you need to catch a flight then you can head over to the Cebu-Mactan International Airport, which is just twenty to thirty minutes away. You can go there by road, or you can ride the ferry to Mactan Island and then go on a short cab ride towards the airport. Even if you do not have your own car, you can easily get around the province just by using the public transportation system.


  • Cebu Puericulture Center And Maternity House - 0.07 km
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center - 0.08 km
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center OutPatient Department - 0.11 km
  • Chong Hua Hospital - 0.24 km
  • HiPrecision Diagnostics - 0.36 km


  • Larsian Sa Fuente - 0.15 km
  • Mergies Restaurant - 0.18 km
  • P.H.A.T. Pho - 0.21 km
  • Shakeys Pizza - 0.24 km
  • Sbarro - 0.25 km


  • Robinsons Supermarket - 0.24 km
  • Robinsons Cybergate Cebu - 0.25 km
  • City Soho - 0.25 km
  • Robinsons Fuente - 0.26 km
  • Robinsons Supermarket - 0.29 km


  • Cebu Cherish School - 0.41 km
  • St. Paul College Foundation - 0.71 km
  • ANHS Building - 0.80 km
  • Abellana High School - 0.89 km
  • Abellana National High School - 0.89 km
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