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The Ultima Residences, as its name suggests, provides the absolute ultimate when it comes to building features and recreational amenities. When you are a resident of the Ultima Residences, you will wake up every day thinking that you are in a resort hotel rather than a condominium building.

Security and safety is not a problem when you are a permanent resident of the Ultima Residences. The building management team makes sure that every resident is safe by employing the services of security experts. There are several teams of guards who are constantly keeping watch of the people entering and leaving the premises. Aside from security guards, there are also a countless number of security cameras installed all over the three towers comprising the Ultima Residences, and they are constantly monitored by teams of people so they can catch anything suspicious at real time and then ask the guards to investigate immediately. You can be sure that you and your property is perfectly safe if you are living in the Ultima Residences.

Of course, no high-end condominium can call itself such if it does not have an impressive swimming pool area. The Ultima Residences has its own swimming pool with a poolside deck that gives you a great view of the city. There are also benches and deck chairs for sun bathing or picnics. The swimming pool is also large enough that you can use it as a lap pool for exercising.

Speaking of exercising, each of the towers in the Ultima Residences has its own fully equipped and staffed gym and fitness center. Regardless if you want to work on building muscles by pumping weights, or work on your cardio on the various machines, or if you want to attend yoga or Pilates classes, you can do all of them in the fitness center. You do not have to spend additional money on an expensive gym membership because there is already one in your building.

The lower floors of the towers are reserved for retail and food services, which means you will actually be living on top of a mini mall. This means that you do not even have to leave the building if you need to go on a small errand or if you need to buy something for your home. There are convenience stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and other retail outlets that will help tithe you over for weeks on end.

Probably the best part of being a resident of the Ultima Residences is that you can get a huge discount on membership to Club Ultima, a high-end lifestyle and country club. There, you will enjoy various other amenities such as a water fitness center, a wellness center, an underwater themed mini golf course, a 50s style diner, a gym, a shooting range, and many more.

It is actually quite possible for you not to leave the vicinity of the Ultima Residences for weeks on end. Everything you might need or want are already provided in-house.

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  • Retail Area
  • Function Rooms
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